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Maximize Your Potential With BMS Recruitment Job Vacancies

We treat candidates and clients with an equal level of respect and ethical consideration

  • We describe to you the features of the client organization, the nature of the opportunity to the best of our knowledge. In return, we expect the same accuracy and transparency in the representation of your career history and attained skill level
  • We analyze and assess in detail your experiences in light of the position requirements. In the same effort we will carefully consider your personal goals and interest.
  • We do not refer your profile to any client without your prior knowledge and consent.
  • Whenever possible, we provide you with feedback that enables you to understand how your candidacy was viewed.
  • We don't let you sit for weeks wondering about the status of your candidacy. We follow up with our clients and share the information with you as soon as it is available.
  • We have a long-term interest in your success. Once you establish a relationship with us, you are welcome to contact us if you have questions about your career. We want to contribute to your success.

Submit your resume to our dedicated, confidential database. We will review your resume promptly to determine if you are a fit for one of our current assignments. If so, we will contact you directly. If not, we may contact you when future opportunities arise.

Your dream job requires clear focus, persistence and a mix of professional marketing and communication tools.

You can access practical tools and information under the links below. These will maximize the effectiveness of your job search and interviews.

First let's look at your resume: this is your door opener for all jobs. It is crucial to bring paper copies of your resume to interviews. Click on the document link below if you want to know more.

Your Resume as a Marketing Tool (Click Here for more Information)

The job search tips below are a good starting point for entering the job market.

Job Search Tips (Click Here for more Information)

We recognize that you may not interview regularly and therefore have compiled a number of tips to help you better prepare for your interview. The best advice we can give is to practice beforehand so you are confident at the time of your interview. This is not an act of lacking confidence in your interpersonal and communication skills – but nobody will be allowed to participate in the Olympic Games without training either.

Successful Interviews (Click Here for more Information)